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Twin Tails

Cageless Grooming™

Arizona's Stress-​Free, 

No Cage Grooming Salon​s

"Grooming at Its Best, 

A Tail Above the Rest!"


- Innovative

- Friendly

- Comfortable

- Convenient

- Attentive Care 

- Fair Prices

- All Inclusive Packages

- No Stress, No Worries 




Our Extraordinary Team

"The quality of an organization come down to the quality of the relationships between its teammates. 

Good relationships give you a good company. 

Extraordinary relationships give you an extraordinary company." 

- Robin Sharma


Happy Valley Salon Manager and Professional Dog Groomer 

Hi I am Liana, the Salon Manager for our Happy Valley location. I have been grooming for 9 years and I am an Arizona native. I have one dog named Rocky, and Schnauzers are my favorite breed to groom! I really love getting to learn about and play with so many different kids of pets while grooming. I joined Twin Tails because of the calm atmosphere and the teamwork within this company really stood out to me. I'm eager to see you at our Happy Valley Salon! 


Scottsdale Manager and Professional Dog Groomer 

Hi, I'm Kristen and a few years ago I moved from Japan to Phoenix and have been grooming dogs since. My family consists of my Princess Penelope the chihuahua and the Queen of the house, Kiki the sphynx cat. I love Twin Tails because they truly care about your pets safety and happiness. I promise that your pup will have the best spa treatment in my hands! My love doesn't just stop at Twin tails door, In my free time I volunteer at rescues, will soon start fostering, and it is my dream to one day open my own animal sanctuary so all animals can know love and happiness. I hope I get the chance to spoil your pup and show them a real luxury experience!


Carefree and Scottsdale Salon Manager and Professional Dog and Cat Groomer

Hi, I'm Priscilla! I grew up on the east coast, but decided to trade in snow for the desert. My mother is also a groomer, so I spent my teen years helping her out at her shop. Being a dog groomer (cats too!!) is more than just a job for me, it's a passion! I love being able to make your furry family members comfortable and looking good. When I'm not at work, you can find me cooking/baking delicious vegan food, hiking, or vegging out on the couch watching The Office or horror movies with my husband and cats Penelope and Biggie. I am so happy to be part of the Twin Tails team, I look forward to meeting you and you're furry baby. 


Carefree Highway Salon Assistant Manager and Professional Dog Groomer

Hi, I'm Destiny but I go by many other names- Mom, Fiance, sister and animal lover! I have spent all my life working with animals. I have tried different careers but always find myself back where I belong. I love how at Twin Tails every bath and haircut includes all the "ADD INS". It gives me the freedom to give each and every pet the perfect spa day that is tailored to their needs. I can't wait to meet you and your furry family members!


Operations Manager

Hi, my name is Michele! I am originally from Colorado but just recently made the move from the mountains to the desert. I have worked in the service industry for many years but found my passion working with animals about 2 years ago and I'm never looking back! I love getting to be around pups and furry friends all day at work. Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my dog, Porter, exploring new places and trying new things. I'm very excited to be part of the wonderful team here at Twin Tails and truly believe we provide a unique experience for your furry family member!


Professional Dog and Cat Groomer and Grooming Instructor

Hello! My name is Jaden, I'm a mother, a wife and an avid animal lover! I have worked in the pet industry for 9 fulfilling years. I made grooming my career 6 years ago and love spending my time making dogs feel great. I believe the grooming process should be a fun, stress free process and I treat every dog as if they were my own. In my free time I love to spend my days with my son and go to the zoo, paint or just snuggle up with our 4 cats and 1 little dog. I can't wait to meet you and your four legged fur babies! 


Lead Scheduling Specialist and Front Desk Coordinator  

Hi, my name is Rachel! I was born in San Diego, CA but have been living in Arizona since I was a teen. I have been working in customer service for 9 years and it has always been a dream of mine to be ​able to work with/around animals. Twin Tails has given me the opportunity to do just that!​ I have two fur babies of my own. My sassy tabby cat, Mia, and my goofball pit bull, Domino.​ I am very excited be a part of the Twin Tails team and help you schedule the best time to bring your furry family​

in for a visit!​


Front Desk Coordinator - Glendale

Hi there! My name is Marenna, I was born here in Arizona but moved around quite frequently as a child and I have just recently made the move back here to my home state of Arizona! Back at home I have my baby girl Henna who is a 5 years old American Staffordshire Terrier and is the light of my world. I rescued her when she was 8 weeks old and it was the best decision of my life! My previous experience with animals aside from growing up with them would be my passion for dogs which led me to become a dog walker in 2017. I did it for 3 years and absolutely loved it which is what led me to pursue my passion even more so and become a team member here at Twin Tails Cageless Grooming!! I look forward to meeting you and your pawsome furry-friends!


Front Desk Coordinator - Scottsdale

Hello, I am Charley. I have been in Arizona since middle school, but I have lived in 7 different states. I currently live with my husband and 2 beautiful babies. we are looking for a fur baby to round out our family. It is a struggle to name a favorite breed when there are so many wonderful dogs out there to choose from. When I find a moment of time my hobbies include; art, writing, reading, and singing. I have always loved being around animals and grew up with many. I got the opportunity to work with them as a Groomer. I was devastated when health constraints forced me to give that up. Twin Tails has provided me the unique opportunity where I was not required to complete the much more physically task job as a groomer. I look forward to helping make this process as easy as possible for you and your fur babies.


Front Desk Coordinator - Multiple Locations 

Hello! My name is Amber and I am from California. I was born and raised all over California but recently took the plunge and moved myself and my two fur babes to Arizona. I have two cats- a 9 year old named Lily and a 1 year old named Olive. My hobbies include thrifting, cooking, playing video games and hanging around the house with my cats. I decided to join the Twin Tails team to further my experience in customer service while following my goal to work with animals long into the future. I am truly an animal lover and enjoy being around all sorts of pets, they have always been so special to me and I am so excited to be working with them. I would have to say my favorite breed is a tie between pit bulls, Italian greyhounds and Australian cattle dogs.


Scheduling Specialist

Hi there everyone my name is Nathan! If you ever find yourself calling our line there's a good chance you'll speak with me. Born in San Diego, CA but raised here in Arizona, I've been here for the last 18 years of my life. Currently the only pet I have is a cat named Moose. In my free time I enjoy drawing, doing photoshoots with friends, and

modifying thrifted clothing. Personally I find animals to be one of the greatest parts of this universe and they really do brighten up the workplace! My favorite breed of dog would have to be a Golden Retriever, and it also happens to be the animal people have associated me with.  I gotta say talking to people as dog owners is a pleasant experience so Thank You for making my job a truly good time!


Scheduling Specialist

Hello my name is Maria! I was born in Pasadena, CA but have lived here in a Avondale, AZ for about 15 years now ! I have always had a love for animals since I was a kid and I have always hoped I could be able to work around or with animals. I have one pup of my own who recently turned one in February, he is such a character always keeps me on my toes. My pup is a mixed pup but I would definitely say if I had to choose one favorite breed it would be a Husky. I’m very excited to be apart of the Team here at Twin Tails because I would be able to work around all the furry babies like I have always dreamed about!


Professional Dog Groomer and Social Media Manager

Hi, I'm Becca! I am originally from Western Washington, and went to college at Washington State University - Go Cougs! I have always loved working with animals, but found my passion for grooming in 2017. My husband and I moved to Arizona in 2018, and we welcomed a baby boy into the world in 2019. I have 2 personal dogs, Cam and Dezi, who are both border collie mixes. I love Twin Tails because I get to work with one dog at a time and give them my full attention. I love helping dogs not only look their best, but feel their best as well! I look forward to seeing you at our Happy Valley salon! 


Professional Dog Groomer - Glendale

Hello I'm Lynnette! I moved here in 1987 from the North Dakota cold country where I grew up on a farm and learned to love animals at a young age. I have enjoyed being in the grooming industry for the past 18 years. I love working with animals and treat each and everyone like my own. I look forward to meeting you and your furry friends!


Professional Dog Groomer (Lead Groomer) - Phoenix

Hi I'm Alicia, nice to meet you! Born and raised here in Arizona I love the desert! I've been a groomer for four years and it is my dream job. I have three pets at home: 2 cats, Bomber and Gunner, plus a little chihuahua mix named Molly. I wanted to work at Twin Tails because I love the Cageless aspect and have seen too many dogs become stressed in kennels. Poodles are my favorite breed to groom! When I'm not covered in dog hair, I spend my time gaming, from table-top board games to video games. Come see at the Carefree Highway Salon! 


Professional Dog and Cat Groomer - Scottsdale

Hi I'm Jennifer and I've been grooming for 10 years. I am from San Diego, California and recently moved to Arizona. I have 2 miniature dachshunds named Peanut and Emma, and a standard poodle Quill, and 2 tuxedo cats Yoshi and Bowser. My hobbies include most DIY and crafts. Knitting, crochet, sign making, sewing, refinishing furniture, and interior decorating. Plus exploring places like hiking and off-roading! My favorite breeds to groom are Poodles, Pomeranian's, and long haired cats. I love making pets look and feel great and Twin Tails is a great environment for both pets and groomers!


Professional Dog Groomer - Phoenix

Hi my name is Shannon! I've spent my entire life here in the beautiful state of Arizona! Working with animals has always been my passion so it was no surprise when I fell in-love with grooming. I have been grooming almost four years and every minute of it has been so rewarding. I have two pups of my own, Shadow (lab) and my newest baby Oakley (terrier mix). In my free time if I'm not at home watching football with my dad (go Steelers!) or hanging with my dogs I love getting out and exploring more of our beautiful state! Whether it be four-wheeling, off-roading, or hiking with some friends. I love breeds of all shapes and sizes but I always enjoy the opportunity to work with the larger breeds! Cageless Grooming has really given me the opportunity to give each and every pet the time and attention they deserve and I couldn't have been happier to have found Twin Tails! I look forward to meeting you your pups and showing you just how amazing our Team and facility is!


Professional Dog and Cat Groomer - Glendale

Hi my name is Jean and I started grooming over 30 years ago when I got a miniature poodle. I decided then that I wanted to go into the grooming profession. I have always loved being a groomer because of the interaction with the people and their furry friends is very rewarding. Who doesn't like smiles and a wagging tail? I grew up on a farm in Missouri and in 1995 I moved to Arizona. I have two cats, Rocky and Bob. I like working at Twin Tails because the one on one time is less stressful for your pet. My favorite breeds to groom are terriers and poodles. Come see me at the Happy Valley location! 


Professional Dog Groomer - Glendale

I've been grooming for 2 years and I am want to specialize in creative grooming. I joined Twin Tails because I value my one-on-one time with each dog and providing them the best care possible! My favorite breeds to groom are shelties, aussies, and schnauzers. I lived in Arizona all my life and own 2 dogs myself - a yorkie and a sheltie. When I'm not grooming I often dabble in art and writing! I look forward to meeting you soon! 


Professional Dog Groomer - Glendale and Phoenix

Hi I'm Saydee and I’ve been in the grooming business for over a year. I was born and raised in Florida and have been in Arizona for 2 years now. I have an adorable 11 year old pug at home that I love dearly. i absolutely love grooming labs and pugs or just about any dog. I joined Twin Tails because of the amazing groomers and calm environment and of course the strong love for our customers and their pets.


Front Desk Coordinator - Phoenix

Hi there, I'm Faith! I've spent a majority of my life here in the valley and love it! I come from a family of animal lovers going back five generations of dog groomers and AKC show handlers and I myself have a passion for all the fur babies! The last five years I've worked with foster kitties and puppies and two years ago had a foster fail whom I absolutely adore who's name is Jar Jar Binx a Shar Pei/Bull mastiff mix, he's 60 Ibs of pure love. He also has a sister as well who is a Lab mix named Kairi, who is a canine good citizen and gives all kinds of snuggles to nursing homing residents. When I'm not at work I'm always up to a variety of things, I have two kiddos that keep me on my toes. I love how Twin Tails is truly like a second family for both their clients and their employees. I'm so glad to be part of such an awesome place! I look forward to meeting you and your fur babies soon! 


Professional Dog Groomer - Glendale

Hi! I'm Alyssa and I've been grooming for about 3 years now. I have always loved taking care of animals and having an assortment of pets. I share my life with my three tuxedo cats Artoo, Ahsoka, and Leia, my Cocker Spaniel/Lab mix Daisy, my many aquariums, and my beautiful colony of fancy mice! I love grooming because I like making every pet feel and look wonderful! I also feel like I learn something new everyday, and I enjoy learning new things. My favorite dogs to groom are nervous pups who need some extra love! I really like Twin Tails because of the focus on creating a low stress, positive environment for the people and the pets.


Professional Dog Groomer - Scottsdale

Hi, my name is Mackenzie. I just recently moved to Arizona from California but spent most of my life growing up on the East Coast. I have been in the pet industry for about 7 years and grooming for a little over 5 years. I love that my job is to make dogs look cute and clean. Some of my favorite breeds to groom are Malteses, Schnauzers, and Pomeranians. I also have a big soft spot for senior dogs and enjoy working with them. I look forward to meeting you and your doggies!  


Professional Dog Groomer - Glendale

Hi I'm Bri! I've been grooming for 8 years and I'm from Texas. I've lived in Arizona for 11 years and I have a 3 year old doberman that loves the dog park. In my free time i like coloring. I enjoy grooming because its peaceful, and my favorite breed to groom are Schnauzers. I joined Twin Tails because it has great management. 


Professional Dog Groomer - Glendale

Hello I'm Ariana. I was born and raised in Arizona. I have 2 dogs, 2 cats and 3 lizards. In my off time I love being outdoors and volunteering at the Phoenix Zoo. I have been grooming for 3 years and wouldn't want to do anything else! Ever since I was little I knew I wanted to work with animals and Twin tails is the perfect place! I am very grateful to be apart of this Team!


Professional Dog Groomer - Phoenix

My name is Alyssa and I'm a Desert Hills native. I have worked in the grooming industry for a total of three years. Animals have always been an important part of my life, and I've had the luxury to have raised horses, chickens, goats, birds, and of course, dogs! My other passions include oil painting, stop motion animation, video games, and camping. I enjoy grooming dogs because it encompasses my natural instinct for care taking and visual arts into one amazing experience. The joy of handing a client's dog back after their grooming session is like no other! I thank all of Twin Tails clients for their support of such a compassionate and conscientious salon. I look forward to meeting you, and taking care of your furry family! 


Professional Dog Groomer - Glendale 

Hi! My name is Jessie, I’ve lived between Switzerland and Phoenix until I was 15. I did cosmetology for 2 years but discovered my love of dog grooming from my mother. Steve Irwin has always been my hero and animals are a huge passion of mine. I love Twin Tails because of the happy and relaxed environment and how it makes it less stressful on your pets. I specialize in Golden Retrievers and Doodles. I can’t wait to meet you and your pet!


Professional Dog Groomer - Glendale 

Hii! My name is Yolanda, I am a mother to a sweet boy, I'm a girlfriend, and I love all pets! I think each and every one is unique. I’m a Native to Arizona, I have 3 dogs and a Sulcata tortoise. I have been grooming for a year, and before that I was a Veterinary Assistant/Technician for 2 years. I’ve always had a passion to take care of animals, every since I was a kid. I am so happy to be working here at Twin Tails in Happy Valley! The atmosphere is refreshing, the Team is awesome and I love it. I hope to see you soon and take care of your baby!


Professional Dog Groomer - Phoenix

I have been grooming for almost 10 years now and I am actually a native to Arizona. I currently have 1 cat, 2 dogs and 3 horses. My horses are my hobby and I love going riding and training them. I enjoy going out hiking with my dogs and cat as well, we all live a very outdoorsy lifestyle. I enjoy grooming for many reasons, it is a way to showcase my artistic abilities along with teaching people more about their dogs. I decided to join Twin Tails because I needed a place closer to home but that I would still be happy grooming. I was not disappointed, I loved it right away! I would say that my favorite breeds hands down to groom are border collies, Australian shepherds and collies, I love hand scissoring and trim ups, I also really enjoy standard poodles and getting to hand scissor their different breed patterns.


Professional Dog Groomer - Scottsdale

Hi, my name is Danni! I have been grooming since 2015 and have a 4 year old shiba inu named Keira Mia and a four year old tabby named Cashew. I moved to Phoenix in 2019 from Philly Philly and am currently enrolled full time as a Behavioral Health Science student. I decided to join Twin Tails because the environment allows each groomer to give the most in-depth compassionate care we can to all fur babies. Some of my favorite breeds to groom are yorkshire terriers, cavalier mixes, and puppies. I love building that trust with puppies and teaching them through positive reinforcement. I cant wait to spoil your pup at our Scottsdale location! 


Professional Bather - Glendale

Hey! I'm Faith, or Fae. I am an Arizona native, but somehow love the snow! My cocker spaniels (Penny and Basil), cats (Yin and Yang), parrots (Solomon and Pippin), and mustang (Zelda), complete my little home zoo. They take up pretty much all my spare time! Ever since I was a little kid catching wild pigeons in my backyard, I've loved animals of all kinds. My favorite dog breeds are spaniels! I am currently in school to become a vet tech while working part time, and am starting to volunteer at an avian rescue twice a month. Twin Tails has so impressed me with their friendly, welcoming atmosphere, and the care for the pets here is beautiful to see. I am so excited to be here for your pets! 


Professional Dog Groomer - Glendale

Hi! My name is Bethany! I have been working in the pet industry for 5 years and been a Groomer for 3 years. I recently moved here from Lake Havasu and have lived in Arizona most of my life. I have 3 dogs at home, an 11year old schnoodle named Chester, a 4 year old chiweenie named Smokie, and a lab shepherd mix named Daisy. We love going to the dog park and on walks. I enjoy grooming because I have a passion for helping animals and I get to learn new things every day while being able to use my creativity. I decided to join the Twin Tails Team because I believe that every pet in my care should be my number one priority and I want to do everything in my power to keep pets from becoming stressed during the grooming process. I love doing breed cuts on Westies and Schnauzers making them look beautiful, and some of my favorite dogs to groom are seniors. 


Professional Bather - Glendale

Hey there! I'm Cou I'm an Arizona born artist and have matched my hair to our lovely sunsets. I joined Twin Tails thanks to the welcoming atmosphere and deep love of animals that permeates everyone you talk to at our locations. While I'm new to the world of grooming I absolutely adore animals and have always lived with them. I have 3 cats, a dog, and maybe, just maybe, over 50 fish. I also do a whole lot of art when I'm not giving baths to your pets. I can't wait to get your fur babs nice and shiny clean!!  


Professional Bather - Glendale

I am originally from Illinois, just recently moved to Arizona in may! I have an American Bulldog, I like to go hiking, skateboarding, and walking with my dog, i also make clothing for fun. I decided to join Twin Tails because it's a very clean and friendly environment and I'm happy to be here! My favorite breed of dog has to be any type of Bulldog because they have the cutest faces and love to cuddle (:


Professional Dog Groomer - Glendale


Professional Bather - Scottsdale

Hi I'm Tina, I'm a bather at our Scottsdale location. I'm a cat mom to my beautiful princess LaylaBel and hope to get a mini dachshund soon! I'm from Arizona but moved to Ohio for ten years and came back December 2019. I joined Twin Tails because I loved the idea of Cageless Grooming and quieter drying rooms! As well as being apart of a healthy work environment. Everyday I'm excited to come to work and hangout with all the babies that come to Twin Tails. I hope to meet your pup soon!


Professional Bather - Phoenix

Hi there my name is Kirsten. Originally, I am from Illinois/ Wisconsin, but I moved to Arizona about 4 years ago. I grew up around Labradors and German Shepherds but I now have three dogs of my own, a Dachshund/Beagle mix named Amara, a Pitbull named Ellie, and a Pocket American Bully named Denali. I have been bathing for 2 years occupationally, although, personally I have been doing it since I was a little kid. It is rewarding seeing pets look and feel their best, and that's why I enjoy bathing so much! My favorite breeds to bathe are any bully breed, because they always end up being big sweethearts, and doodle breeds because they always give me a good laugh. Twin Tails has a friendly, hard-working environment and that's why I am happy to work here!


Professional Bather - Glendale

Hi, I'm Audrey. I've been in Arizona since the 3rd grade and when my dad retired my parents knew this was a great state to live in. Living with my mom I get to consider her pup as mine; she is my sissy! Buttercup is 4 years old and is a boxer/hound mix, we rescued her from a humane society in East Phoenix. I love grooming because it is hard work and teaches patience and respect. It is the most enjoyable job I have ever had and uses abilities that I have learned in other jobs while teaching me so many new things. I choose to join Twin Tails because you can truly sense that everyone wants to be here and give the best service they can. I have never wanted to try so hard at something and this is mostly due to the great environment that Twin Tails provides. Everyone is kind and loving and treats their clients/animals in that way. My favorite breed to groom is long haired and double coated dogs, they are so much fun because you can see all that hair coming off of them and see that you are making a difference. I also love when the parents wants a fun cut and a unique look because then the animal ahs so much more character it seems to bring out their personality. All dogs are welcome in my book because they all have that special something in them that makes they who they are. 


Professional Bather - Glendale

Hi, my name's Nova! I live here in Phoenix, along with my two pitties, King and Pryde. In my off time, I'm drawing or painting, loving on my own dogs or my in-laws three chihuahuas. I joined Twin Tails after leaping off the wagon of corporate banking and I haven't looked back. I love all dogs and cats - but I have a particular fondness for terriers. And while I love working with puppies, the older dogs have a special place in my heart. 


Professional Bather - Phoenix

Hi there I’m Amanda i recently moved to Phoenix from Flagstaff, and I was born and raised in Riverside, CA. I’ve been working with animals for a long time literally over 10 years now. I’ve been a bather but now I plan on learning how to groom. I have always been fascinated and decided this was going to someday be my career. I love the whole Cageless idea because kennels are stressful. I have a shihtzu dachshund mix named Lucy and beautiful Himalayan named Darla. My daughter Aurora and I love painting, cooking and getting cozy and watching old movies. Huge shout out to Jamie and the Twin Tails family for accepting me as one of your own. I’m excited to see what the future holds!


Professional Bather - Glendale

Hello! My name is CJ. I've lived in Arizona my whole life, born and raised. Recently joined Twin Tails because it offers an amazing experience of working and helping both pets and pet parents. At home I have 5 little ones 2 chihuahuas, Nugget and Bean, and 3 tabby cats, Olive kimchi and pickles. I enjoy doing what I do because of my strong relationship with animals and the love I have for them. My favorite breeds to work with are anything chihuahua related because it remind me of mine back home. 


Professional Bather - Carefree


Professional Bather - Scottsdale

Hello everyone! My name is Sophey and I am new to the grooming world and excited to be learning! I'm from Arizona and have yet to move away from this beautiful sunshine state. I have my own angel named Honeycomb she's a rescued sharpei/pitbull and I adore her. She is truly my best friend. I enjoy being in this industry because I love being able to give a relaxing stress free experience to all of your mini family members. I decided to join Twin Tails because I love the passion that each Team Member has for this field. We all want to give these dogs and cats the best possible experience, cage free and stress free! So far I do not have a favorite breed to groom but I am a sucker for the wrinkles!! 


Professional Bather - Glendale

Hello! My name is Kristin. I was born and raised in NY, about an hour North of the city. I moved to AZ with my family about 11 years ago and never plan on leaving - as I love it here! I'm a wife and mother of 6 and an avid animal lover. I've had all sorts of pets throughout my life: hamsters, fish, ferrets, birds, rabbits, etc. But my favorites are cats and dogs. Currently I have 4 cats and hope to get a small dog sometime in the near future. In my spare time, I love creating art. Even though I'm new to the grooming world, I'm really loving it so far. The people at Twin Tails are so friendly and easy to get along with. I can already tell this job was made for me and I'm so happy to be a part of the Team!