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Ways to Save!

We offer a Multiple Pet Discount for households with 3 or more pets. Just bring in 3+ pets for an appointment, on the same day, and receive 10% off your total!

WE LOVE REFERRALS! Spread the word about our services and we will give you a $5 Credit for each and every new client you send our way. Referral Credits are UNLIMITED! 

The more people you refer, the more you save!  

Purchase 6 Nail Trims and the 7th is FREE!

Grab one of our VIP (Very Important Pet) Nail Trim Cards when you stop in for a nail trim and after 6 nail trims the 7th is on us! 

Top Reasons to Professionally Trim your Pets Nails every 4 to 6 weeks:

  • Prevent snagging on carpets and other flooring which can lead to ,broken nails, split nails, and injuries
  • Stop the nails from curling and ingrowing into the foot pad
  • Prevent Infection in the nail 
  • Long nails cause pain while walking
  • Our Staff is trained to cut the nails safely and as short as possible
  • Only costs $15 for nail trimming (and that includes filing too!)